Why Bring Your Own Bag?

Start a habit you'll be proud to flaunt: remember your own bags every time you go to the store.  It's one simple way to go green in your daily life.  When people see you're making the right choice, they're likely to do it too.  Give a fun bag to someone as a gift and tell them why they should use it.

Learn about the latest news on plastic bag bans, litter pollution and lots of other information on how to reduce the use of plastic bags from Californians Against Waste.

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Tips to remember your bags

We asked hundreds of people how they would remember to bring their reusable bag to the store. Here are some of our favorite ideas, broken down by category of shopper.


  • Teach my kids to remind me as part of earning their allowance

Dog owners

  • Attach to dog leash


  • Attach to my bike


  • Put it back into the car after I empty it
  • Keep bags in the car and at the office
  • Leave it in the driver’s side pocket of the car
  • Put a small note on the dashboard to remind you to bring them
  • If you do forget your bags in your car, don’t take a plastic or paper bag from the store.  Put your groceries back into the cart and bag them there

 Tips for at home

  • Clip the bag to your shopping list
  • Hang it on the front door knob
  • Include bag in shopping list as Item # 1

 Tips for the office

  • Keep it on my desk
  • Leave it in the bag that I bring to work

Shoppers on the move

  • Keep it in my backpack

 Other Tips

  • Decorate your own bag 
  • Put your coupons in your bag
  • Purchase a few compact reusable bags that you can keep with you in a purse, jacket pocket, or backpack, or attach to your keychain

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